Internet Speed

The problem with living in the back end of nowhere is the internet speed is really slow.
This is the internet speed on the 12/04/2018 was 3.78 mbps down.

This was the fastest I could get from BT, but for the last 6 months, BT has been replacing the telephone poles and placing a new fiber line along our road. I kept checking the BT website to see when I could place an order, once the ordering was available I placed an advance order for Infinity 4 FTTP 330/30, they canceled the order within 2 days, with not even a letter or email.

After half a dozen phone calls someone phoned me back, to say that my house wasn’t suitable as it’s too far from the road for overhead cables. I asked can I get an underground came into the house they said yes but I would have to dig up the road and lay the ducting myself I said fine I was happy with that.

When I built my house in 2003/2006 I placed three ducts under the road I needed one for water connection and one for a copper BT cable, and a spare one.

The Mrs helping me pulling a 50mm ducting through the 4″ ducting

Along the side lawn.

Digging across the driveway.

A couple of weeks later on the appointment day, the BT van came.

The speed test when the line got activated.

Let’s just say I have a very happy house, the kids can play fortnite and watch youtube video’s all day and it doesn’t affect my wife’s browsing and my work.


Update: 10/03/2019

Nearly a year on and it’s nearly the same speed, just down a couple of mb.